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Red Oxide Natural Powder

Red Iron Oxide Powder- is a unique natural red hematite produced through beneficiation & fine grinding of our exclusive domestic ore body. Red Iron Oxide hematite is light fast, chemically stable & color controlled within narrowly defined parameters. This product may be used Paints, Roofing tiles, Asphalt, Concrete products, Sand lime bricks, Paper and cardboard, Plastic, Rubber products, Artificial leather, Wood stain Floor and shoe polish, Cattle and poultry feed, Fertilizers, Glass, Ceramics in as well as many other applications requiring a cost effective, easily dispersed Natural Red Iron Oxide.
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Chemical Formula: Fe2O3

Physical appearance Free flowing dry powder
Oil absorption 10 to 15%
Bulk density 2.2
PH of 10% aqueous soln. 7.0 -9.0
Purity as Fe2O3 min 90%

Chemical Composition:

Fe2O3 90.00%
SiO2 5.00%
CaO 0.50%

Additional Information:

  • Minimum Order Quantity: 300 Metric Ton