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Slag Sand

We all know that construction is an important industry; and in the field of construction, sand is used extensively. Till a few years ago, the huge demand of sand was putting a lot of pressure on the river sand mining sector that was posing a huge risk to the environment. This is the reason why the Supreme Court had to ban river sand mining.

Since the Supreme Court of India banned the mining of river sand, there was a dire need for an alternative material that is equally good. The best alternative that has come up is the slag sand or Granulated Blast Furnace Slag Sand.

Why use Slag Sand?

As per experts, it is the best eco-friendly alternative to river sand that is a by-product of steel production. This is why GBFS is being commonly used by most builders these days instead of river sand. In fact, several government agencies like Public Works Department too are using this sand alternative.

It is worth mentioning that slag sand is even better than filtered sand and manufactured sand. The reason being that filtered sand has a significant percentage of silt and manufactured sand has dust and thus not apt for plastering and some more construction jobs.

How slag sand is made at Subh Laabh

As mentioned, the slag sand is manufactured from granulated blast furnace slag. The obtained GBFS is then grinded using highly-advanced grinding mills like Verticle Shaft impacters and sieved to different sizes as per varying needs of different industries. As mentioned, this construction material is a perfect replacement of river sand and meets IS-383 standards.

At Subh Laabh, we use high quality raw materials that make us one of the best slag sand manufacturers.

Key Features And Benefits Of Slag Sand

Slag sand is absolutely eco-friendly and is much better than river sand in various aspects. When compared microscopically, the physical structure of slag sand and river sand is almost the same. This is the reason why more and more construction companies are replacing river sand with slag sand. No doubt, our company is witnessing huge rise in the demand of this product, and we are leaving no stone unturned to meet the requirements of our customers. We have a huge production capacity, so there is no need to think twice before placing bulk slag sand orders online.

Subh Laabh is among those slag sand manufacturers who are always focused on keeping the quality consistent. The use of slag sand not only helps in saving the environment, but it also adds more strength and durability to the structure or building. The reason is the high tensile strength of slag. In addition, the compactness rendered by slag sand to the concrete mix is far superior when compared to that of river sand. Coming to the economical side, the slag sand produced by our company is way cheaper than river sand. As a result, the use of slag sand can significantly reduce the cost of construction. The smoothness rendered by slag sand to the surface is an added benefit.